Tapirulan Illustrators Contest

Tapirulan Illustrators Contest

Deadline: 18 October 2019
Open to: artists of all nationalities
Award: 2500 EUR for first prize winner and other prizes


The purpose of the Tapirulan contest is not only to award an illustrator but also to produce an exciting show, attract visitors and focus public attention on illustration as a profession. A rich and colorful exhibition made up of three sections: the images selected by the jury (usually about 48), the winning illustrations from previous editions, and finally, the works of the special guest illustrator (Bruno Bozzetto for this new edition of the contest). The result is an exhibition of approximately 250 works. Every year they endeavor to add new exhibition venues to the original one, Cremona, which hosts the show between December and January. In the past, the show has been “exported” to Mantova, Ferrara, Parma.

Tapirulan’s illustration competition is celebrating its first 15 years, so it is no longer a normal competition, but it can be considered as, rather proudly, a super competition, open to all super illustrators, ready to surpass themselves and especially their competitors to At this point it is perhaps superfluous to specify that the theme of the fifteenth edition of the competition for illustrators is SUPER.

The jury will be supervised by this year’s special guest: Bruno Bozzetto, illustrator, cartoonist, but above all director of unsurpassed short and animated films.


  • Artists of all nationalities can participate in the competition;
  • There is no age limit however underage candidates need parents’ authorization;
  • Every candidate is allowed to submit only one brand-new work;
  • Works which have been awarded prizes previously will not be accepted.



  • The first prize awarded by the jury is 2.500 EUR;
  • The winner of the prize will be invited next year to make his own solo exhibition at the Tapirulan Gallery, with the publication of the personal catalogue;
  • Thanks to the collaboration of Associazione Autori di Immagini, the winning work will be published on the Annual AI;
  • Thanks to the collaboration of Illustratore Italiano the winning work will be published on the magazine.


  • The Tapirulan Contest also includes a Popular Prize assigned to the most voted by users;
    The popular prize is 500 EUR.


  • All 48 selected authors will receive a free copy of the calendar and catalog;
    12 authors will be selected to be published on the Tapirulan calendar and will receive a free copy;
    All contest participants will be able to collect a free copy of the calendar during the award ceremony.

How to apply?

The subscription fee is 15 EUR.

In order to take part in the contest, you can choose between two ways:

  • Fill in the submission form.
  • Send your work by mail together with the relevant form which must be filled in and signed as well as the receipt for payment of the subscription fee.

For more information visit their official web page.

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